The Original Orlando Carpet Cleaning Company provides quality, premium materials for all repairs. We use the most advanced equipment, tools, and materials to execute the job to your complete satisfaction, following the IICRC guidelines by the book. Our technicians are all experienced, detail-oriented, IICRC Certified Technicians. We take pride in our work, delivering exceptional carpet repairs with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer a full menu of carpet repairs, including carpet patching, carpet transplants, carpet power stretching, seam repair, and carpet spot dyeing.

No repair patch is too big or too small. Our expert IICRC Certified Technicians perform precision patch repairs. Whether you need a patch due to a pet scratching up a section of the carpet, a permanent carpet stain, an iron burn, or a carpet that has been ripped, our expert Technicians can repair it! If you don't have extra carpet on hand, we can take a piece from the closet and perform a transplant patch. Carpet patching is inexpensive, especially compared to replacing a full room of carpet.

Our Expert Carpet Stretching will diminish bumps, humps, wrinkles, and unsightly loose carpet. Professional, IICRC Certified technicians will power-stretch the carpet, trim all excess carpet, and repair any seams that are weak. Our technicians are trained and Certified in carpet repair and re-installation. Please don't experience a horror story by using a cheap, uncertified company. Many unqualified carpet cleaning companies are out there, performing stretching services that leave your carpet cut too short which requires replacement, or not performing a correct stretch that only lasts a few months. Our IICRC Certified technicians will execute a precision carpet stretching that will extend the life of your carpet for years to come.

Upholstery Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

The mattress that we sleep on is an ideal environment for dust mites. 90% of all dust mite population can be found inside a mattress, and there are about 5 million dust mites in just one mattress. The large amount of dust mites, dirt, allergens, pet dander, urine, and body sweat all add to asthma and allergies. The removal of dust mites is an effective way in preventing and minimizing asthma and allergies. Let us effectively and efficiently remove your dust mites and other allergens from you mattress by performing a deep, hypoallergenic steam cleaning. The removal of these harmful elements will enable your living environment to be clean, preventing asthma and allergens from affecting you and your family.

Did you know that your mattress gains weight each year? Most mattresses can gain up to 5 pounds per year, due to dead skin cells, dust mites, dust mite feces, hair and pet dander, and body sweat! You may even double your mattress weight over the life of the mattress! We strongly recommend mattress cleaning at least once per year to remove these harmful contaminants, and to extend the life of your mattress.

We recommend having all of your mattresses cleaned at least once per year, to ensure a safe, germ-free, allergen-free living environment for you and your family. After all, we spend 8 hours sleeping, which 1/3 of our day, sleeping on our mattress! We offer mattress cleaning for twin, full, queen, king, and california king sized mattresses. Mattress prices vary based on the size, so call us for our current mattress cleaning specials! Our mattress cleaning includes a hypoallergenic, deep steam cleaning at 240 degrees, Microban Sanitizer to help kill germs, bacteria, dust mites, pet dander, allergens, and mold, free deodorizer including enzyme deodorizer for urine stains or deep odors, and unlimited spot and stain removal treatments. All mattress cleaning is performed by an IICRC Certified technician. 

Carpet Repair And Carpet Stretching

Area Rug Cleaning

Tile And Grout Cleaning

The Orlando Carpet Cleaning Company provides expert VCT Floor Stripping and Waxing for all of our commercial offices. Our VCT Strip and Wax Service includes careful protection of permanently installed furniture and cabinets in the service area, small furniture moving, chemical stripping of old waxes and sealers, machine scrubbing using an auto-scrubber to remove stains, scuff marks, and discoloration from normal wear and tear, rotary steam cleaning and rinsing of all surface areas, re-sealing of VCT floor surface in preparation for wax application, three to four coats of premium wax depending on desired finish, and high powered fan drying to speed up the drying process.  We provide a deep cleaning with the best VCT shine results possible. All cleaning is performed by our IICRC Certified Technicians with professional, truck-mounted equipment.

VCT Strip And Wax

Carpet Cleaning

The Original Orlando Carpet Cleaning Company removes years of stains and dirt from grout by meticulously scrubbing and steam cleaning each and every grout joint with our special heavy-duty, high-alkaline grout cleaner, which is formulated to remove embedded dirt, sand, bacteria, allergens, grime, and soil.

Customers often ask us what makes our tile cleaning process better than other companies. First of all, we use premium cleaning products and we offer premium sealer applications. The sealer alone will help extend the life of the cleaning. Second, the equipment we use is far superior at removing the soil without any damage to the tile, grout, baseboard, cabinets, and transition strips. All stainless steel appliances are carefully taped off and protected before the cleaning is started. The low-end companies use a rotary machine with a scrubbing pad that not only loosens the tiles, but sometimes tears out the grout lines. We gently hand scrub the grout lines and get a better clean without damaging the grout. Lastly we use a smooth glide steam cleaning process with the tile and grout steamer that rinses the tile of all residue. Our truck mounted machine is a large investment, and cheap companies can't afford it. Instead they use a mop bucket, or a portable machine similar to a shopvac. They have to use a lot of water, and that leaves soil-attracting soap residue behind. Even if they are able to get the grout clean, it won't last long! With all of the soap residue, every time you walk on the floor, the floor will clean your feet and transfer the dirt to the sticky residue on the floor. In addition, our technicians are IICRC certified for tile and grout restoration by the institute. We guarantee all of our work. The Original Orlando Carpet Cleaning Company never will charge you more for heavy soil, black grout lines, pet stains in your grout, or any other type of heavy buildup on your tile and grout, we offer a flat rate per square foot price with NO hidden fees and NO extra charges for heavy soil!

After the tile and grout are clean, we recommend a grout sealer application. The sealer helps protect the grout which gives you a longer-lasting clean. We offer a restoration tile and grout cleaning process, but we also highly recommend sealing your grout as well. To clean the tile properly with the correct equipment for a long lasting seal, it is time consuming and the equipment is expensive. It is simple; tile grout is porous, so without sealer it will re-soil sooner. It is recommended that you have your tile and grout cleaned and sealed once every 2-5 years, depending on foot traffic.​ Our grout sealer application is only 10 cents per square foot when done on the same day as the tile and grout cleaning service!

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The Original Orlando Carpet Cleaning Company specializes in cleaning all types of upholstery fabrics such as Microfiber, Herculon, Polyester, Velvet, Olefin, Wool, Microfiber Suede, and other Color Migration fabrics. At The Original Orlando Carpet Cleaning Company, operator technicians are highly trained for all upholstery applications from standard cleaning, to pet odor contamination, germs, oils, food and drink stains, water damage, and even severe stains. Our Technicians are always prepared for all upholstery situations and will recommend the best cleaning method that is safe for your type of fabric for the best cleaning results.

When it comes to upholstery cleaning, what sets The Original Orlando Carpet Cleaning Company apart from other companies is the simple fact that we use the best equipment and cleaning solutions available for upholstery and furniture cleaning. All of our technicians are highly-experienced and IICRC Certified to perform professional upholstery cleaning services. Our Technicians are thoroughly trained and Certified Master textile technicians and they can handle any cleaning, on any type of material without damage or discoloration.  Our higher volume allows us to purchase cleaning solutions and supplies in bulk and we pass the savings onto our customers. That is why our prices average 30-40% lower than other IICRC certified firms in the area that provide certified cleaning like The Original Orlando Carpet Cleaning Company.

We work with all Oriental rugs, Persian rugs and carpets, Navajo rugs, other handmade area rugs, synthetic rugs, mechanically produced area rugs, piled or flat-woven kelim, soumak and tapestry. A crucial and necessary step in our area rug cleaning process is the removal of deep dust, dirt, sand and allergens and other foreign matter that are trapped in tight spaces between foundations and knots of Persian and oriental rugs and carpets. Let our state of the art equipment, and our IICRC certified technicians preform the task for you using the latest technology. We offer in-home rug cleaning services for your convenience.

Our Technicians will inspect and evaluate your rugs to determine the best cleaning method. Either steam cleaning or dry solvent cleaning will be used to clean your rugs, depending on the makeup of your area rug. We sanitize, deodorize, deep clean to extract dirt, dust, sand, pet dander, and allergens,  treat all spots and stains, and apply scotchgard protection.

The Original Orlando Carpet Cleaning Company's 20 Point ADVANCED carpet  cleaning service is an exclusive program. This ADVANCED service includes very specialized equipment and cleaning products. The Original Orlando Carpet Cleaning Company only allows specific operator teams to perform this service.

Carpets in most cases are returned to better than new condition! All soils including dirt, dust mites, perspiration, abrasive soils, natural oils, pet dander, pet stains, dust, grease, oil, drinks, and ground in foods will be removed. All smells including smoke, pet odors, food, and other odors are effectively deep treated and removed. Your home is left with a clean smell and a healthy environment. Our highly effective, 100% green products are used in this process, and all products are 100% baby and pet safe. Our steam cleaning process has a fast dry time, which are a result from the extreme suction power from our advanced truck mounted equipment!

Our Master IICRC Certified Technicians are Certified in every aspect of their work. Make sure you hire a company with IICRC Certified Technicians! Our technicians are trained on how to use the equipment properly, safety, extensively trained in stain and odor removal, fabric identification and treatments, certified in carpet cleaning, carpet repairs, carpet stretching, and special Certifications for every single service that we offer. All of our Master Technicians are well-seasoned, highly-experienced, and IICRC Certified, making them the most trusted technicians in the area.

A word of advice, if you are shopping around for price, make sure you ask the company exactly what the price includes and if they are licensed, bonded and insured! The Original Orlando Carpet Cleaning Company offers the best price for an all-inclusive package with no hidden fees or charges! Compare packages to make sure you get the most for your cleaning dollar!